Orangebox is a designer and manufacturer of furniture for the changing workplace with a focus on "Smartworking" solutions - furniture that fosters collaboration while providing contemporary aesthetics, visual/acoustic privacy and commercial-grade performance.

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Born in 2002, in the village of Hengoed, South Wales, Orangebox created a concept they call “Smartworking” – solutions designed to foster collaboration and change cultures, while improving efficiency.

The company’s portfolio offers a pluralism of design choices and diverse functions with alternatives to traditional seating architectural pods for visual and acoustic privacy solutions and collaboration settings — all based on a deep study of how people need to be oriented toward technology and one another.

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Almost two decades of researching and creating great collaborative workspaces.

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Our guide to navigating, interpreting and reimagining the changing landscape of the workplace.

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Our latest research as well as the latest news from around the business.

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