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ESG: Making Waves in the Community with Steelcase, The Dragon Run

The Dragon Run championship sees another year of success, pulling in amazing results from the high-performing surf ski community.

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As a brand that is committed to designing for the people, our planet and quality performance, Steelcase actively supports initiatives in the community that share similar beliefs as the brand. This year marks 10 years of involvement with Steelcase, The Dragon Run championship in Hong Kong, and the event continues to be a testament to the brand’s philosophy. Every year, the international surf ski and outrigger championship gathers a pool of outdoor lovers to compete in the high-performance sporting event.

This year, with no exception, the contestants and winners showcased admirable strength and sportsmanship in the challenging 22 km course — one that requires extensive knowledge of ocean paddling and years of open waters training in order to complete. Much like Steelcase’s dedication to top-notch craftsmanship and relentless innovation.

Jason Taper, Asia-Pacific VP, Sales also personally participated in this year’s event and he perfectly points out the affinity between the two, “It’s a pleasure for Steelcase to be involved in The Dragon Run as it really matches what we’re all about as a high-performance company, with a high-performance sport”.

The open water race took place from Clearwater Bay Course to Stanley Beach in Hong Kong territory, where a collection of 262 islands and peninsulas in the South China Sea can be found. It is known to be an area with beautiful coastlines, blue oceans and an ocean paddler’s heaven. However, Hong Kong’s waters have been plagued by plastic pollution for years now, making it difficult for water sport enthusiasts to fully enjoy the sport.

Staying true to Steelcase’s promise to sustainability and the environment, the annual championship makes sure to bring awareness to the challenges faced by the city’s coastlines. Having non-profit organisation, Plastic Free Seas, on board as a partner, the event hopes to educate the masses about marine plastic pollution and inspire everyone to keep public coastal areas waste free. While Steelcase shows support to the local surf ski community, the brand also hopes to build a more sustainable Hong Kong and play a part in preserving the sights of nature that tremendously enhance the joy of ocean sports.

Watch this to get in on the action at Steelcase, The Dragon Run:

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