Education Lounge Seating

Soft Rocker 

by Smith System

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    Introducing Soft Rocker. It’s our newest addition to active seating. Great ergonomics make this chair a rock star of comfort. The high density foam core provides the right amount of relaxing give, while a compact, hardwood frame ensures a sturdy sit. Soft Rocker is designed for all rock and no roll. The slight pitch in the back support and subtle curve in the base encourage safe, smooth rocking. It’s irresistible, even for adults.

    The streamlined design of Soft Rocker makes it sing in any space that requires ancillary seating. It’s perfect for individual study and casual group-work areas – reading nooks, your commons, libraries and media centers, or any collaboration hot spot. A generous seat back and seat “pan” easily accommodates older teens and adult staff.

    Cleanable. Accidents happen. The 100% EPU Polyurethane (vinyl) fabric is easy to clean with a 10:1 water-bleach solution.

    surface materials

    This product is available in the following surface materials:

    Fabric Color Options: Pistachio, Mediterranean, Iron, Apricot and Fog

    Global Availability

    The product is available in the following region:

    • Asia Pacific (Available Feb 2022)