Steelcase opens new WorkLife Center in Delhi

Gurgaon, Delhi, 1st July, 2016 – Reinforcing its commitment to India, Steelcase, the global leader in office furniture industry and innovative workspace solutions, today announced the opening of its new Steelcase WorkLife Centre (WLC) in Delhi. This innovatively designed centre will be the fourth WLC in India, post Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. With the launch of the Work life Center in Gurgaon, Steelcase will provide an extended range of Steelcase and Coalesse products and services that help organizations boost their performance.

Spanning across 6,682 square feet, the Steelcase WorkLife Centre in Delhi is located in the heart of Gurgaon. It is designed around the application of Steelcase’s insights, products and services. It displays a series of Steelcase products artistically designed for the Indian work culture. As Delhi is one of the fastest growing city in India, Steelcase with its unique offerings and global expertise is looking to recognize and meet the needs of the constantly varying work culture and optimize efficacy at workplace.

“Ever since we started our operations in 2007, we realized that India is a high caliber market and has an immense growth potential. In India the kind of work done is evolving rapidly, therefore it is extremely critical to design a workspace which is flexible and adaptable to the changing dynamics. With the launch of Worklife center we aim to leverage our global knowledge through our products, services and expertise which is best suited for Indian workplace environment.” said, Uli Gwinner, President, Steelcase APAC.

“Organisations are now focusing on workplace design as a means to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive market. Therefore, business leaders should place emphasize on creating employee experience that will inspire and motivate employees to work. Steelcase recommends that, workplace can be designed as a catalyst for change that will help foster efficiency and creativity of employees, unleash their potential and help organizations amplify employee performance.” said Mr. Michael Held, Design Director, Steelcase APAC.

As per Steelcase Growth Market Research, burgeoning middle-class growth will pose the biggest challenge for Indian workplaces by 2030. India’s middle-class growth is expected to accelerate and reach 475 million by 2030. This number consists of mainly India’s Gen Y post 80s and 90s who mix traditional values with a Western outlook. For this younger generation, the work they do is as important as the reputation of the company and the salary paid. Hence, to retain the younger generation, progressive workplace plays a key role, in helping to retain and attract these valuable workers. These findings came from Steelcase Growth Market Dilemma Report which is conducted on eight growth markets including India.

Steelcase works with the world’s leading organizations like Google, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte etc. to help them create great experiences wherever work happens, by studying the way people work – in social, spatial and informational contexts – and translating those insights into products, applications and services. Steelcase also participated in the recently concluded Make in India conclave in association with India Design Forum showcasing its commitment to India.