Workplace Services 

Services to help you create a sustainable workplace. 

We understand how work and workers have changed and how that has changed the workplace. Steelcase has the products + services + insights that can help you create and maintain a sustainable, interconnected workplace.

Steelcase and Steelcase dealers offer clients a portfolio of workplace services. It's about understanding your needs, exploring options, applying the right products, and ensuring your investment is delivered, installed and maintained. Steelcase delivers products and services through a network of independent dealers in over 650 locations globally. Our dealer network is the most extensive and experienced in the world, delivering global experience with local service.

Strategic approach. Measureable results.

The Applied Research and Consulting (ARC) group utilizes a user-centered, strategic approach to the workplace that delivers measurable results to clients.
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Form follows function.

Steelcase offers a suite of workplace surveys, based on our research and knowledge of the workplace, that are easy to use and help gain deeper insights about how people really work. 
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Options to achieve your goals.

We have flexible financing options to meet your needs. You can plan to own the products or you can use the products now and decide later on whether you want to purchase or return them.
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Unparalleled service + savings. Guaranteed.

For large organizations with multiple locations, a strategic approach is necessary to manage the complexity of doing business in order to drive down and control costs. We can help.
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Efficiency enhanced.

Are you looking to streamline your facilities management and furniture procurement tasks? We can provide you with a customized portal with web-based tools to address your needs. 
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Finding a new purpose.

No one needs an office in a landfill. If you have office furniture that you no longer want or need, Steelcase can help.
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