Fatty Sofa 

by Grado

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    Fatty Sofa was inspired from the seam detailing on casual garments. ​

    With vivid and bold coloring, Fatty speaks for one’s pursuit on making breakthroughs in lifestyle and life quality in the plain daily routines. The seam detailing offers a minimal and relaxing look. ​

    • Modular system design: Multiple modular system with optional fabrics addressing needs of different settings​
    • Durable, Super seating comfort: Goose down filling offers sturdy, durable form and superior seating comfort​
    • Wide Arm & Heat Rest: Extra-wide armrests also serve as headrest or hold the odds and ends; extra-wide backrests also serve as extra seats. Fatty has many possibilities to explore due to its minimal design and large size.​

    Download the 3D Files


    • Extra-wide armrests also serve as headrest when lying or hold the odds and ends​
    • Seamless detailing​
    • Soft and rich backrest provides superior comfort​​
    • Base frame: Russian larch + P2 plywood + goose down filling + high resilience foam​​
    • Legs: metal legs (Φ37mm*50mm) + powder coating​​
    • Upholstery​​

    High resilience foam used in car furnishings manufacturing, furnishings, home products, healthcare products, toys etc​.

    Advantages: extremely resilient; soft, cozy, smooth to the touch.


    • Sunday 10, Sunday 34, Sunday 39, Sunday 53, Sunday 83, Sunday 103, Sunday 149
    • GM-60004, GM-60167, GM-61003, GM-62002, GM-63017, GM-63064, GM-66007, GM-66010, GM-66145, GM-67053, GM-68002, GM-68005, GM-60004
    • Remix 30422, Remix 30612, Remix 30632, Remix 30743, Remix 30933, Remix 30982
    • PL-07​


    This product is only available in the following region:

    • Asia Pacific, excluding Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand

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