It’s a New Day

The work we do has changed and so should our office.

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It’s time to create new ideas. Be agile and make things happen faster than ever.

It’s time to find inspiration in every corner and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

The work we do has changed and so should our office.

And that’s why we’re approaching things in new ways. At Steelcase, we’ve developed new products, new partners and new technology to create destinations to help you love how you work. With more choices than ever before, we can help you design great places where people thrive and ideas flourish.


Mackinac re-envisions the work environment by creating different microzones to support the different types of work people do throughout the day. The cantilever desk allows work to flow faster and creates a place for people to easily connect, while the compact footprint lets them quickly shift from activity to activity.


SILQ responds to the unique movements of your body. The performance is intuitive. The way you move is the way it moves. A canvas for personal expression, its expansive range of material combinations allow you to to express your unique brand vision.

Custom Carrara Marble Finish on Potrero415 Table
Coalesse Pattern on LessThan Five Chair
Coalesse Pattern on SW_1 Lounge Chair

Coalesse Custom Capabilities

Coalesse is providing more freedom to personalize furnishings in highly visible and expressive ways with the Coalesse Pattern, Color and Material Capabilities Programs. Unleash your creativity with exciting new programs and create something truly unique for a more personalized and meaningful outcome.

Lox Chair
Nooi Chair

Lox Chair
New enhancements to the Lox chair by Coalesse give it more mobility than ever before without sacrificing its sleek and contemporary design. The comfortable seating is perfect for cafés and meeting rooms alike.

Nooi Chair by Wiesner-Hager
Nooi’s interlocking frame creates a highly configurable solution for cafés and other large group spaces. The stackable chair comes in a range of colors and designs to best support your office needs.

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