Guide to Personalised Learning Experiences

Eight Strategies to Implement Personalised Learning Experiences

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5. Establish Simple Guiding Principles

Giving students freedom to make their own decisions isn’t without its pitfalls. Some may feel uncomfortable with autonomy and could make a poor decision in the process. Rather than giving them complete freedom, providing guiding principles can offer direction without quashing independence. These principles are based on values and skills rather than behaviours. Simplifying guidelines communicates trust and encourages responsibility.


Eliminate detailed rules that communicate distrust to learners.

Establish core values to guide learners, teachers and leaders every day.

Imbue values in every part of experience like space, curriculum and how you communicate with students.

Launch Pad: Try these Personalised Learning activities today

Build Agreement and a Collective Vision
Invite the school community of leaders, teachers, students and parents to come together to establish guiding principles for the building or district.

Create a Culture of Accountability
Encourage everyone involved to hold each other accountable to living by the guiding principles.

Communicate with Parents and Community
Share these principles with parents and community members so they understand behaviour expectations for students.

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