• Navi TeamIsland

    Navi TeamIsland integrates thoughtful design details that can enhance the wellbeing and performance of individuals and teams.

  • Ology Bench

    Ology bench adds the benefits of height-adjustability to a wide range of benching applications, improving users wellbeing while maximising real estate.

  • FrameOne

    FrameOne benching workstations are designed to enrich varying levels of mobility and collaboration required by workers and workplaces today, offering more customizable options than other bench applications.

  • Sit2Stand

    The versatile Sit2Stand provides users with a palette of posture – a variety of options to sit, stand or move throughout their day, with choice and control over how they work.

  • Lexicon

    Lexicon makes it easy to create a variety of workplace applications for both individual and collaborative work with simple solutions for every requirement.