Caring for Our Culture

At Steelcase, our culture of trust and integrity, established by our core values, empowers employees to represent our company and make responsible decisions.​

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Empowered, Distributed Decision-Making


Our legacy is rooted in a deep, collective commitment to our core values. These values elevate people, guide the way we do business and empower distributed decision-making.​​

We believe decisions are best made by employees closest to the issues who understand and embrace our belief that business is a force for good. Trusting our people and empowering distributed decision-making allows our employees to thrive and their deep understanding of, and adherence to, our purpose and values furthers our commitment to integrity, authenticity in our commitments and trust placed in us by our partners.

​By placing ownership and accountability for decisions with employees most knowledgeable of relevant data, and empowering people though continual skill development, free-flowing access to corporate information and trust, we know through practice that decisions will be relevant and timely.

Leaders + Teams

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Board Structure + Corporate Governance​


Continue to adhere to Best Practices for Publicly-Traded Companies​.

Continue to adhere to Best Practices for ESG.

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Investor Relations

Activity that is unethical, illegal or not in keeping with our Global Business Standards should be reported. You can report your concern and remain anonymous by filing a report online at or by calling : 400-120-3062 (China), 800-906-069 (Hong Kong), 000-800-100-4175 (India), 0800-170-5621 (Japan), 00-800-1777-9999 (Malaysia).

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