We implement reuse, recycling and remanufacturing strategies across our product design and delivery process.

We implement reuse, recycling and remanufacturing strategies across our product design and delivery process.

We support a circular economy by increasing the life cycle of materials in our products and packaging, maintaining their value while also developing innovative solutions for their reuse.

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Our Approach

For over 100 years, we have designed and built products of the highest quality and durability — built to last, maintaining the value of materials for as long as possible, and as a result we’re able to offer one of the strongest extended warranties in the industry. And when our furniture has outlived its usefulness, we connect customers with a network of end-of-use service providers to give it new life through reuse, repair or recycling.

We explore circular business models throughout the world to capture and redeploy the value of furniture after its first life. We have pilots underway to explore refurbishment solutions to help refresh your space while reducing your environmental impact. Steelcase furniture remade and returned to a like-new state can help your organization contribute to the circular economy, reduce waste from entering the landfill and lower carbon emissions.

Our Commitment to Circularity

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Sustainable Design

We design for easy disassembly to enable repair, refurbishment or recycling at the end of a product’s life. And we work to reduce waste and emissions from the inception of the product.

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Rethinking Packaging

We set ambitious goals to eliminate single-use plastics and increase recycled content of our packaging by 2030.

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End-of-Use Services

We offer owned services in Europe to divert furniture from the landfill while piloting these services in other regions. Around the globe, we also connect customers to end-of-use programs to minimize or eliminate landfill waste.

Creative Solutions Drive Circularity

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Reach Your Sustainability Goals With Circular Solutions

Steelcase products are engineered to last many years, and because of that quality, we are piloting a new sustainability offering, Circular Solutions. This program offers remade Steelcase furniture that takes previously used furniture and remakes it to a like-new state, helping your organization avoid waste from entering the landfill and minimize the use of new raw materials.

For more information about these remanufactured furniture options through the Circular Solutions program, email us at remade@steelcase.com.

Please note, Circular Solutions is a limited pilot offering providing remanufactured office furniture for workplace projects and is not a buyback program.

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