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Make it yours

Modular configurations set the stage for a playful and customized desking landscape of all heights, shapes, and sizes. With unprecedented potential for customization, LexCo provides the canvas on which to paint your brand story.


End of Run
120-degree bench
Cable Management

End of Run

End of Run

The team bench with an end of run creates an unobtrusive breakout space, encouraging ad hoc discussion and welcoming other collaborators to drop in for a quick huddle.



High-sit offers a footrest platform that invites colleagues to pop in for a comfortable huddle. Whether they prefer to sit or stand or alternate between the two, occupants can maintain eye contact with ease and comfort, allowing a dynamic flow of ideas.

120-degree bench

120-degree bench

LexCo 120-degree benches with screens offer visual privacy without sacrificing easy connectivity for communication and collaboration. This personal cocoon embraces the occupant while optimizing the use of space.

Cable Management

Cable Management

Our high-capacity cable management solution accommodates hard or soft wiring and optional power and data separation with easy access for facilities management. Vertical covers neatly conceal the cables, bringing power from the floor to the bench.

Material Finishes

showcase identity

Shape, color, and material finishes can convey the essence of your brand as eloquently as words. LexCo’s desk configurations let you share your brand story through your workspace, for a visual identity that makes every impression count.

vibrant colors

Drawing on subtle shades and bold hues, LexCo breaks away from uniform colors to bring a new sense of wonder to work life. Experiment with LexCo’s customizations to mix and match different styles and hues, and discover a signature look that is all your own.

Everyday deluxe

The LexCo system offers an array of color choice to create a workspace that expresses your personality. In addition to seven renaissance colors inspired by the natural world, our new Lux paint range adds five further options for an edgier alternative to standard finishing, with a touch of metallic finesse to draw the eye.


Honest approach

Organizations are scaling fast in Asia and it is more important than ever to consider the environmental impact. LexCo can be specified with Sarto Raw, the Sarto Screen with the least material usage.

Focused on sustainable design, Sarto Raw celebrates the qualities of raw PET with, or without a simple pressed finish. By using PET fiber from recycled plastic bottles, Sarto Raw brings a thoughtful, clean, and unpretentious look to the workplace in an effortless neutral shade.

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