Fixed Workstations

LexCo Collection 

by Steelcase

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    LexCo Collection is a comprehensive desking platform designed for customisation to enable greater tailored expression and bringing new personality to the workspace.


    Encouraging Experimentation

    Designers can combine different legs, accessories and levels of privacy to create bespoke looks. New customised printing capabilities offer endless opportunities for creative expression in screen design.

    The goal of our re-design efforts was to elevate the everyday comfort, performance and experience of people at work.

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    Canvas for Teams

    Personalised spaces offer your people choice and control over where and how they work. Invite teams to customise their settings and affordances to better support their work, wellbeing, productivity, happiness and engagement.


    Platform for Growth

    A robust understructure is the foundation for a seamless workflow with a variety of applications and posture settings. Soft Eco cable management kits mount beneath the worksurface. Facilities professionals can choose metal or PET tray options and power outlets can be desk mounted for instant access.

    High-sit’s carpeted foot platform provides elevated ergonomic support and smooth sit to stand transitions, with a comfortable and familiar seated position.