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Numbers™ Desks & Chairs 

by Smith System

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    The Right Formula for Classroom Tables and Chairs that Inspire
    We believe our Numbers™ line of tables and chairs for schools can provide both comfort and inspiration in a classroom setting. Our desk and chair sets are the winning solution for creating an inspiring environment in school. They provide flexibility, comfort, and accessibility.

    Surface Materials


    • Arctic White (AW01)
    • Seagull (2L83)
    • Merle (2LMG)
    • Graphite Walnut (24LO)
    • Acacia (2LAT)
    • Maple (160)
    • Clear Walnut (25L8)
    • Warm Elm (2LWE)
    • Grey Oak (2LGO)

    Base: Platinum

    Seat Shells:

  • Black
  • Navy
  • Charcoal
  • Cerulean
  • Orange
  • Apple

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    • Asia Pacific
    • Europe
    • North America

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    Numbers™ Chairs Benefits

    • Comfort: The blow-molded shell in Numbers™ chairs generates an air pocket for maximum comfort. Additionally, the flat seat allows for 360 degree movement and the tall and continuous seatbacks provide support.
    • Easy Lifting: Numbers™ chairs offer two different repositioning options. These are a low through-hole and a curled seatback ledge that facilitate moving, stacking, and lifting the chair.
    • Durable: Numbers™ chairs are made with the highest quality materials that ensure they can stand the classroom environment.
    • Stackable: These chairs are designed with a stack-geometry that reduces stress from stacked chairs, prevents paint damage, and provides safety when stacked.

    Numbers™ Desks Benefits

    • Adjustable Heights & Casters: Numbers™ desks provide a discreet mechanism for adjusting height. Additionally, the inner leg tube can switch between glides or casters without affecting the desk height.
    • Easy Install Casters: We offer easy-to-install caster add-ons to upgrade mobility. The casters are friction inserts, so they can simply be pressed into the leg for installation.
    • Slide-On Stacking: Numbers™ desks make stacking easier. They feature a compact design and foldable legs that can free-up a lot of classroom space through slide-on stacking.