Steelcase Unveils Viccarbe Collection in China, Bringing Renewal of Office Collaboration Space

April 2024, Shanghai, China, Steelcase is poised to transform workspaces throughout China, unveiling a series of pioneering developments that mark a significant advance in design, sustainability, and global corporate engagement. The unveiling includes the latest collections from Viccarbe.

Peter Lewchanin, Steelcase President, Asia Pacific said “At Steelcase, our collaborations with other furniture brands infuse our offerings with diverse perspectives and design languages. This eclectic mix enhances our ability to create workspaces in China that are not only functional but also culturally resonant, fostering collaboration and community. Expect from these collaborations an even greater focus on versatility and innovation, with an eye toward the distinct needs of the rapidly evolving Asian workspace.”

Viccarbe’s Spring Collection Unveiled in China

Viccarbe’s Spring Collection, brought to China through Steelcase’s investment, captures the essence of Valencia’s light and its influence on color, material warmth, and meticulous craftsmanship. The collection is a reflection of Viccarbe’s Mediterranean heritage, where more than 300 days of sun shape a design philosophy that values joy, attention to detail, and care in fostering social connections. It’s this philosophy that architects and designers can now bring into collaborative spaces with products that harmoniously blend function and understated elegance.

At the heart of the collection are pieces that are as much about innovation as they are about heritage. The Foro Table, designed by John Pawson, is a paradigm of functional simplicity, offering clean lines and minimalistic form. Victor Carrasco’s Savina Sofa provides versatile comfort tailored to contemporary spaces, while the Noha Collection by Ludovica Serafini+Roberto Palomba introduces fluid designs that adapt seamlessly to the evolving landscape of modern office environments.

Roberto Garcia, Viccarbe Regional Director, MEA and Asia Pacific said, “In the Noha collection, Designers Ludovica Serafini+Roberto Palomba, found inspiration in the comfort and simplicity of home. Noha is a gesture towards creating inviting, versatile seating that fits seamlessly into both workspaces and more informal settings. This collection’s design, which includes chairs and lounge options with various bases and armrests, intends to bring the pleasure of living into the office—blurring the lines between corporate and domestic environments. With Noha, we aim to foster collaborative and inclusive behaviors, humanizing spaces to inspire and accommodate the evolving nature of work in Asia.”

Viccarbe press release
Viccarbe Spring Collection: Savina Sofa, Foro Table, Noha Collection

Each piece in Viccarbe’s lineup is a conscious choice for longevity, produced under the highest environmental certifications, ensuring that Steelcase’s vision for a sustainable future aligns with the practical needs and aesthetic aspirations of designers and their clients across China. As Steelcase drives Viccarbe’s growth in the Chinese market, this new spring collection serves as a powerful statement on a shared design commitment to support health and promote connection, quality and style consistency.

Samantha Giam, Steelcase Vice President Marketing, Asia Pacific said, “In the face of advancing technology and the embrace of remote work, Steelcase remains at the forefront of redefining the workplace in Asia, and specifically China, where collaboration and community are keystones of work culture. Providing innovative furnitures and solutions are pivotal in our mission to create spaces where every individual—no matter where they work—feels connected and engaged within the wider ecosystem of their organization. ”

In addition to the Viccarbe spring collection, this unveiling also includes the innovative Social Collection with m.a.d. furniture, and the forward-thinking Karman Highback chair.

About Steelcase

Established in 1912, Steelcase is a global design, research and thought leader in the world of work. We help people do their best work by creating places that work better. Along with more than 30 creative and technology partner brands, we design and manufacture innovative furnishings and solutions for the many places where work happens — including learning, health and work from home. Our solutions come to life through our community of expert Steelcase dealers in approximately 770 locations, as well as our online Steelcase store and other retail partners. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is a publicly traded company with fiscal year 2024 revenue of $3.2 billion. With our 11,300 global employees and dealer community, we come together for people and the planet — using our business to help the world work better.

About Viccarbe

Viccarbe is a Spanish furniture designer and manufacturer located in Valencia, a Mediterranean city in Spain which experiences over 300 days of sunshine per year. This light has deep influence in the brand’s identity, as is the starting point of their designs, made in collaboration with the world’s most renowned designers. Viccarbe’s award-winning portfolio is distinguished by great simplicity, innovative balance, and global awareness and strives to foster collaboration in corporate, educational, hospitality and private spaces all around the world.

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