Steelcase, The Dragon Run 2023

Hong Kong celebrated the return of international paddlers from 10+ countries in the highly anticipated Steelcase, The Dragon Run 2023. Taking place between Clearwater Bay and Stanley Bay, the race showcased remarkable sportsmanship, skill and endurance against the challenging conditions.


Steelcase Dragon Run 2023

The race brought paddlers from all over the world together. Familiar faces like Australian Cory Hill, three-time previous winner, once again demonstrated his prowess by claiming the Male Surfski Champion title. Whilst new champions like South African athlete Kira Bester triumphed as the Women’s Surfski Champion, securing her first victory.

World Champion Cory Hill, wins the male surfski division.

Ambroise D’Hauteville, from Steelcase Asia Pacific Title Sponsor of the event, commented “Steelcase’s commitment is to help people work better at whatever they do best, whether in office or on the water! It is sport that pushes us to our limits and stimulates personal growth, and all the paddlers who wrestled with the wind and waves demonstrated this today – it’s been both inspiring and a privilege to be part of their success”

Steelcase, The Dragon Run welcomed back more than 40 overseas paddlers, 20 of whom were world champions in their respective disciplines. The race conditions were truly spectacular, featuring waves reaching up to 2 metres in height and force 4-5 winds, creating excellent surfing opportunities. It’s worth mentioning that the favourable conditions could be attributed to the blessings of Tin Hau – The Goddess of the sea. Benny Chan, local surfski paddler and Fenn Kayaks’ representative, organized a prayer ceremony at the Tin Hau temple prior to the race to ensure a safe and successful event, and it seems that the prayers were answered.

The favourable conditions led to favourable results. In the male OC1 Championship, Ryland Hart, a resident of Hawaii, emerged as the victor, while Lindsey Shank, also Hawaiian secured her third consecutive win in the OC1 female championship. Winnie Wong Hock Wing, a local paddler who had previously claimed victory three times, once again demonstrated her expertise in the race, securing a commendable 5th place finish. Similarly, Alex Hunter, the 2022 OC1 Champion and resident of Sai Kung, showcased his skills and experience, proving that Hong Kong paddlers can compete at a world-class level.

The Dragon Run also witnessed the remarkable journey of young paddler Jamila Ng. Having won the surfski novice course last year at the age of 12, Jamila graduated to the main event this year, becoming the youngest ever competitor in The Dragon Run. She raced alongside her father, Mark Gibbons, in a double Surfski, showcasing incredible talent and determination at just 13 years old. The event doesn’t just attract the younger generation, the oldest paddler to complete the short course was 76, making it a truly inclusive event.

Jamila Ng, Steelcase, The Dragon Run’s youngest ever competitor with OC1 Men’s Champion Ryland Hart

The event concluded at the picturesque location of St. Stephen’s Beach, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, which served as the new race headquarters for Steelcase Dragon Run. As the Short Course and Sprint Course came to an end, participants and volunteers were treated to a mesmerising lion dance performance, providing an enriching cultural experience for both local and international paddlers.

Steelcase, The Dragon Run Race Results


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