Saturday Indesign 2022

Sitting is an activity that forms a central part of our modern work and learning experience. Whether at a table, gaming station, or in a collaboration zone, we find ourselves in a variety of seated postures throughout the day. As a core work experience, we’ve devoted serious and intentional time to understanding how we create a better seating experience; one that helps people to do their best work, wherever work happens. 

Of crucial importance to our explorations and research to this end have been two constant questions: how do we design in a way that encourages and sustains wellbeing while seated at work? And how do we design in a way that ensures future generations can flourish?

This past Saturday Indesign, we hosted a visual exhibition and activities about the circular economy and the Steelcase Seating Difference that sought to explore these questions. Beginning with the introduction of one our latest innovations around the circular economy, the Steelcase Flex Perch, the event proceeded to a visual overview of the Steelcase Seating Difference, culminating in an introduction to our Pod Tents — privacy and wellbeing solutions designed to give users a calm and cozy focus area.

The core exhibit of the event was a special installation about the Steelcase Flex Perch Stool. 100% recyclable and comprised of over 70% recycled materials, the Perch exhibit gave viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the new, previously unrecyclable waste streams Steelcase was able to utilise in the design of Perch, thanks to a partnership with material and chemistry partner, BASF.

Throughout the day, at Ignite Fireplace Studio, Sydney, attendees enjoyed a day of refreshments, conversation and exhibits about forward thinking designs from Steelcase, and had the chance to win an exclusive, top-of-the-line, Gesture. 


About Steelcase

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