by Steelcase

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    Ocular™ is a table designed for hybrid collaboration. Its unique shape improves sightlines, creating a more equitable experience for in person and remote meeting participants.

    New Hybrid Shapes

    Traditional office room layouts are biased toward in-room collaboration and create sightline challenges and obstructed views. Designers are rethinking traditional norms to improve collaboration spaces for hybrid work.

    Portrait to Landscape
    A shift from portrait (facing the short wall) to landscape (facing the long wall) allows people on both sides of the camera to see and be seen. Everyone in the room is equidistant to the camera. Remote participants can see facial expressions and body language.

    Corners to Curves
    The curvature of the table ensures that every in-room participant can also see one another in addition to being at eye level with remote colleagues. That eye-to-eye view creates more equity between those in-room and remote.

    Away From The Wall
    Pulling the table away from the wall that hosts the technology also improves sightlines between in-person and remote participants.

    Ocular™ Arc Features

    Standard + Optional Features