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    Diversal is a modular beam-based system that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing business needs and a diverse range of working styles.


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    Dynamic settings

    With a system that includes in-line, 90 and 120 degree junctions, Diversal is designed to offer a wide range of settings to accommodate diverse needs and facilitate innovative work culture.

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    Vibrant materiality

    In addition to the wide range of color choices, Diversal is available in both fabric, for softer finishes, or metal, for a trim modern look and feel, to fit with your team or business.

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    Sleek design

    With a slender beam only 76mm in width, Diversal is discreet, lightweight and designed to maximise any space, providing an intimate yet spacious environment for users to settle in or circulate around.

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    Customised privacy

    Through a variety of options, including Navi screens and PET light screens, distinct personal spaces can be created in the system to support focused work.

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    Sophisticated power solution

    Diversal’s robust power and data system is seamlessly integrated for easy access and maintenance. Dual cable way allows segregation of power and data cables.


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    Dynamic, Collaborative Team Spaces

    In this application, Diversal’s unique zig zag configuration allows for dynamic interaction among teams that work together frequently. Display shelves, whiteboards, additional counter space and tackable divider screens encourage physical thinking, allowing the sharing of work and ideas to be more natural and open.
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    Balancing Focus and Mobility

    Designed to meet the needs of nomadic workers, Diversal's open configuration provides a balance between individual focused work and quick interactions with colleagues.
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    Equipping Specialist Residents

    Specialist residents such as programmers, designers or financial analysts, may spend significant periods of time on focused work.
    Pairing Diversal with height adjustable solutions and customized work tools encourages movement and promotes wellbeing while also providing privacy for individual projects.
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    Individualized Work

    The Resident Zone is designed to support users with owned individual spaces amongst their teams. This zone amplifies individual performance and supports necessary adjacencies to meeting and social spaces for the cycle of collaboration and focus.
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