Collaborative System

Away from the Desk 

by Orangebox

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    Away from the Desk is the leading soft upholstery system which answers the needs of our rapidly changing workplace as we migrate away from the predominance of the personal desk.


    As we migrate away from the fixed desk to a shared workplace, there is a need to facilitate both concentrated personal work and collaborative team work. Away from the desk seamlessly integrates individual spaces with larger, more collaborative working configurations.

    • Away from the Desk is comprised of 70+ components that can be endlessly configured.
    • High back options provide refined acoustic and visual privacy.
    • And offers an upright, ergonomically controlled seating position more reflective of a task seat posture.
    • Large and small work surfaces can be specified within the system.
    • Integrated power, data and monitors are available for added performance.
    • Product range: media tables, detached seating, media dens & open settings.