Steelcase leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential. Together with our partners, we design spaces to help people work, learn and heal.

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Designing Joyea: Technology and Humanity in Harmony

Joyea approached Steelcase to bring their holistic vision of employee wellbeing to life. Together they created a work environment where creativity, innovation and healthy working lifestyles have flourished, demonstrating that when technology and humanity work in harmony, exceptional things happen.

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New Hybrid Work Solutions Shine at NeoCon 2022

Judges award Steelcase community of brands with top honors including Best of Competition for HALCON HELM table.

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Five Hybrid Workplace Mistakes to Avoid

It takes more than salary and remote work to keep people happy.

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Kickstart Your Return to the Office

Create the buzz people missed with new ideas for high energy collaboration and social spaces.

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Create Better Collaboration Spaces for Hybrid Teams

Explore a range of spaces and technology experiences designed to support in-office and remote teams of all sizes – whether you need to collaborate one-to-one or many-to-many.

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