Your people and your workplace are your greatest assets.


Your Greatest Assets are Underutilized

People and places are an organization’s greatest assets, and their largest expense. Steelcase research shows us that on average, only 54% of office space is used throughout the day and over 37% of employees are not engaged at work.

Steelcase equips organizations with the tools to measure the places where people work on a continuous, periodic, or trial basis.


54 %

of office space used


37 %

of workers are disengaged


Workplace Analytics


Workplace Advisor Study is a short-term space measurement engagement paired with in-depth analysis and consultation. The process reveals what people want and use to optimize an organization’s investment before or after a major space change.

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Steelcase Space Measurement Systems Can:

  • track occupancy and utilization across the entire floor plan, including private offices, collaborative spaces and meeting rooms and open spaces to improve space effectiveness and employee satisfaction
  • work on or off your network
  • store data securely on the Steelcase cloud platform powered by Microsoft Azure
  • incorporate employee surveys so you know how people are voting both with their feet and their hearts
  • go beyond “what” the data says to “why” and “what to do” via Steelcase’s experienced space consulting group
  • do all of the above while making the entire process easy for you

Data + Insights

  • Real-time and cumulative data
  • Actionable dashboards that go beyond basic data to integrate Steelcase’s rich insights on issues such as:
    • space ratios
    • mobility levels
    • peak capacity tensions
    • under-utilization patterns, and
    • spatial characteristic’s impact on utilization
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Bring Actionable Data to The Workplace

Learn more about how Steelcase’s Smart and Connected solutions can help organizations optimize its real estate while also allowing employees to have more productive workdays.

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Creative Spaces

The Future of Work is Creative

Microsoft and Steelcase are introducing Creative Spaces — an immersive ecosystem that brings together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

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