Making the most of architectural elements, this setting utilizes a column in the space maximizing the real estate and providing patients with a large and comfortable bay.

Products Empath, Sonata
Area 383 ft2
Footprint 19'7" × 19'7"
Setting Types:
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Sonata; Base, 18D x 24W HB24
HB24 2 $271.00 $542.00
Sonata; Base, 18D x 48W HB48
HB48 3 $287.00 $861.00
Sonata; Base, 18D x 60W HB60
HB60 4 $303.00 $1,212.00
Sonata; Module-Island, Solid surface, Sliding door, Single sided, Left hand, 18D x 48W x 36H HM1LA4836LS
HM1LA4836LS 4 $4,185.00 $16,740.00
Sonata; Module-Media unit, Solid surface, Single sided, 18D x 24W x 36H HM1MA2436S
HM1MA2436S 4 $2,015.00 $8,060.00
Sonata; Module-Nurse server, Solid surface, Waste bin, Single sided, Left hand HM1NC2439LS
HM1NC2439LS 4 $3,436.00 $13,744.00
Sonata; Module-Wardrobe, Single, Sided, 18D x 12W x 60H HM1WA1260
HM1WA1260 4 $1,037.00 $4,148.00
Empath;Rclnr,Std,Fxd arms,23W HR223
HR223 4 $4,664.00 $18,656.00
Verge; Stool-4 leg base, Casters, 21H HS21C
HS21C 4 $457.00 $1,828.00
Regard; Arm-Single sided, 20D x 11W HS4AS11
HS4AS11 4 $352.00 $1,408.00
Regard; Back-Single sided, 7 1/2D x 66W HS4BS66
HS4BS66 4 $1,312.00 $5,248.00
Regard; Base-Frame assembly, Single sided, 27 1/2D x 66W HS4FS66
HS4FS66 4 $1,152.00 $4,608.00
Regard; Cushion-Seat, 20D x 22W HS4H22
HS4H22 8 $320.00 $2,560.00
Regard; Screen-Glass, 66W x 14H HS4S66G
HS4S66G 4 $858.00 $3,432.00
Regard; Table-Square, Solid surface, 22D x 22W x 15H HS4T2218S
HS4T2218S 4 $1,516.00 $6,064.00
Regard; Arm-In line, Table, 20D x 11W x 18H HS4TL11
HS4TL11 4 $429.00 $1,716.00
dash; Light-Task, LED, Freestanding base LDASHF
LDASHF 4 $573.00 $2,292.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $93,119.00