Experience a change of pace, posture and place, without leaving the Innovation Center. Users can see and be seen by others, make important social connections, refresh and rejuvenate. The space also supports individuals and small groups who want to work in a place with a coffee shop atmosphere and easy connections with colleagues.

Products Enea Lottus Seating, Enea Lottus Table, Regard, Campfire Big Table
Area 417 ft2
Footprint 29'6" × 14'2"
Setting Types: , ,
Floor Plan + Zones: ,
Work Modes: , ,
Brands: ,
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Enea Lottus; Chair-Side, No arms, Upholstered insert COEL100UPH
COEL100UPH 4 $456.00 $1,824.00
Enea Lottus; Table-Conference, Square, 36W x 30H COEL3036
COEL3036 4 $1,514.00 $6,056.00
Enea Lottus; Stool-Bar height, Sled base, Upholstered insert COEL400UPH
COEL400UPH 4 $638.00 $2,552.00
Enea Lottus; Table-Café, Square, 30W x 42H COEL4230
COEL4230 2 $1,361.00 $2,722.00
SOTO; Shelf-Standard, 36W x 3D DSSA363
DSSA363 2 $144.00 $288.00
SOTO; Tool box DSTB
DSTB 1 $33.00 $33.00
SOTO; Utility box DSUB
DSUB 2 $33.00 $66.00
QiVi; Stool, Mesh back, Upholstered seat, Arms 428710
428710 6 $1,183.00 $7,098.00
Regard; Back-Single sided, 7 1/2D x 88W HS4BS88
HS4BS88 2 $1,469.00 $2,938.00
Regard; Base-Frame assembly, Single sided, 27 1/2D x 88W HS4FS88
HS4FS88 2 $1,245.00 $2,490.00
Regard; Cushion-Seat, 20D x 22W HS4H22
HS4H22 8 $292.00 $2,336.00
Regard; Screen-Glass, 88W x 14H HS4S88G
HS4S88G 2 $1,012.00 $2,024.00
Regard; Power strip-Cord, Frame assembly application HS4VPSFC
HS4VPSFC 4 $200.00 $800.00
Campfire; Big Table, Low pressure laminate, Trough, 96W x 48D x 40H TS4TLT40
TS4TLT40 1 $3,302.00 $3,302.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $34,529.00