Rendering of a work from home space with clipper screens, currency rectangular desk, gesture chair, dash mini light
Rendering of a social space with two Lagunitas seating facing each other, IC lights F, lagunitas personal tables and regard plants
Render of a big social space with products such as Clipper screens, virtual PUCK, massaud seating, Enea stools, Lagunitas chair and table, Bassline tables, Nanimarquina shadows rug
rendering of a work area with six desk divided with Kick panels, Reply chairs and TS storage
rendering of a work area with wooden desk, Think chairs, dash light on wooden desks
work area rendering with four work stations with wooden desks, dash lights, Think chairs and kick panels
Rendering of a collaborative area with four Migration SE desks, four Think chairs, SOTO tools, SARTO screens to divide the space
Rendering of a social space with two private Lagunitas Focus Nook spots, next to them there's a open space with a Garden of Eden rug, Massaud Worklounge, Turnstone Bivi Depot Storage, Turnstone Campfire Personal Table, West Elm Boardwalk Lounge, West Elm Boardwalk Table, Light Grey Round, Flos Tab T Lamp
Steelcase Series 2 Chair, Steelcase Flex Collection, Steelcase Migration Bench, Steelcase Universal Laminate Storage, Steelcase Soto Task Light, Steelcase FYI Monitor Arm, Steelcase Worktools, Steelcase Studio Corrugated Curtain
Rendering of a work space with 4 migration se benches, think chairs, answer panels, sarto screens
Rendering of a work space with 3 Brody worklounge with footrest, 3 minimalista tables with BluDot Planters and hygiene products
Post-COVID Workplace 2