Planning Ideas
    brody planning idea
    4 person collaborative work space planning idea
    davos seating airtouch planning idea
    E-Table2 Faceted Table, Lox Chair, Season Pouf, Exponents Mediaboard mobile
    umami lounge system b-free alight tables lagunitas table planning idea
    Informal meeting space
    Planning Idea –
    Lagunitas Work Table, LessThanFiveChair, Maarten Armchair, Together Bench, Montara650 Chair, AIM Lamp
    Floorplan of a Social Zone for an office space.
    Rendering of a common space with a grey Sistema Lounge, blue rug underneath, white personal table and a lamp next to it. Round white table with four Lox Chairs
    Montara650 Lounge chair, Montara650 Occasional table, Denizen Credenza, Viccarbe-Burin table, Arzu Rug