render of a social space with products such as: Orangebox Coppice Workbooth​, Orangebox Coppice Open Workbooth​, Steelcase Series 1 Chair​, Steelcase Flex Team Cart​, Steelcase Flex Baskets​, SteelcaseFlex Cup​, FLOS Tab T Table Lamp​, West Elm Willow Lounge Chair, Tufted Back​, Tensile Full Moon 54""​, Tensile Full Moon 66“​, Bolia Paste Lounge Chair​, FLOS Tab Floor Lamp, Coalesse Free Stand Table​, Mattiazzi Cugino Stool​, West Elm Boerum Coffee Table​, Turnstone Simple Personal Table, Lounge Height​, Steelcase Flex Freestanding Screens​, West Elm Maisie Side Table 22”​, Bolia Grab Pouf with Storage Small, Steelcase Thread Power Hub, Moooi Erosion Rust Round Rug, Moooi Non Random Pendant D71
rendering of a collaborative work space divided by a wall and products such as: Coalesse Potrero 415 Round Table-Standing Height​, Orangebox Cubb Bar Stool​, Surface Hub Roam Mobile Stand​, Bolia Lean Shelf​, Coalesse Davos Medium Bench​, Moooi Extinct Animals Dodo Pavone Rug​, Steelcase Flex Freestanding Screen​, Mattiazzi Branca Table​, Mattiazzi Leva Armchair​, Nanimarquina Patch 4 Rug, Coalesse Emu Rio Chair​, Coalesse Emu Rio Rocking Lounge Chair​, Coalesse Emu Terramare Sofa​, Coalesse Emu Terramare Rectangular Table​, Coalesse Emu Heaven Pouf​, Blu Dot Circula Small Coffee Table​, Coalesse Free Stand Table​, Extremis Acacia Shade​, Nanimarquina Diagonal 5 Outdoor, Steelcase Flex Team Cart​, Steelcase Flex Cup​
rendering of a social work space with products such as: Flex Active Frames Toolbox, Steelcase Flex Mobile Power​, Steelcase Bivi Height Adjustable Desk, Steelcase Series 2 Task Chair, Mesh Back​, Steelcae CF Series Intro Monitor Arm single​, Steelcase Flex Stand Table​, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Wall-Mounted​, Steelcase B-Free Beam​, Blu Dot Plot Planter​, Moooi Walking On Clouds Dusk Rug​
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render of a big collaborative work space with products such as:
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