Steelcase Lite Scale Glass Steelcase V.I.A. Campfire Standing Height Slim Table Coalesse Enea Café Stool Steelcase Payback Meeting Room Service Cart Coalesse Host Credenza Turnstone Campfire Big Table Half Depth Coalesse Montara650 Steelcase SILQ Chair Steelcase media:scape table BluDot Blockoid Ottoman Flex Markerboard Polyvision a3 Ceramisteel Flow Whiteboard, Viccarbe Burin Table, Benjamin Maier Ceramics
    Planning Idea – WK6XM2JP
    Planning Idea – MC8MA8YZ
    Steelcase, V.I.A Walls Steelcase Silq Task chair Steelcase Brody Bolia, Philippa Chair Bolia X Stool Bolia, Lean Shelf AMQ, 3F Hangin Panels Blu Dot, Wook Wall Hook Coalesse, Massaud Chair Arzu, Rust Rug Steelcase, B-Free table Steelcase, Room Wizard Viccarbe, Burin Table Coalesse, Davos Bench Steelcase, Regard Plantern
    rendering of a social space with products such as: Steelcase V.I.A. Wall, Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, Steelcase Flex Stand Table, Steelcase Flex Board Cart, Coalesse Montara Cafe Table, Coalesse Enea Lotus Café Table, Coalesse Lagunitas Personal Table, Mattiazzi She Said Bar Stool, West Elm Belle Lounge, West Elm Boardwalk Round Table, Bolia Pod Cofffe Table, Bolia Grab Pouf, Viccarbe Bamba Table, Viccarbe Common Bench, Eskayel Large Peaks Rug
    Lagunitas Lounge System Lagunitas Personal Table Flex Frame Coalesse SW_1 Chair V.I.A. West Elm Maisie Side Table West Elm Nolan Side Table Moooi Fool’s Paradise Rug Ology Desk Gesture Chair Universal Storage Elective Elements Storage Sagegreenlife Verdanta Flourish Living Wall Orangebox Border Exchange Table Coalesse Montara650 Stool Coalesse Enea Altzo943 Café Stool Polyvision a3 Ceramicsteel Motif Panel Steelcase Elective Elements
    on white render of a clinician space with VIA walls
    Steelcase Mackinac, Steelcase V.I.A. Walls, Steelcase Elective Elements Bookcase (Headsets to the floor),  Steelcase Series 2 Stool, Steelcase B-free Beam, Steelcase Blu Dot Skiff Table, West Elm Lucas Swivel Chair, Bolia Philippa Lounge Chair, Bassline Round Table, Viccarbe Burin Side Table, Steelcase Thread Hub, Sagegreenlife Collection Planning Idea
    rendering of a meeting space with VIA glass walls, think chair, lagunitas personal table and campfire lounge
    media:scape lounge v.i.a. thread qivi media:scape universal system planning idea
    Media:scape table, Qivi chair, Gesture chair, FrameOne chair, Mobile Caddy, LED personal task light, Answer panel, V.I.A, Universal Storage Planning Ideas
    campfire lounge system v.i.a. enea lottus table lox chair and stool davos seating campfire personal table think media:scape planning idea