dr6qj3cg V.I.A., Davos Seating, Think, media:scape
campfire lounge system v.i.a. enea lottus table lox chair and stool davos seating campfire personal table think media:scape planning idea
Think Chair​, Elective Elements Storage​, Elective Elements Worksurface Planning Idea
Think Chair 3D Knit​, Ology Desk Rectangular, Answer Panel​ Systems, Universal Storage Planning Idea
Ology Bench​, Think Chair​, Universal Privacy Modesty Screen, Universal Storage Planning Idea
Think Chair 3D Knit, Ology Bench, ​Universal Privacy Modesty Screen, Universal Mobile Pedestal​ Planning Idea
Elective Elements, Think Chair
Turnstone Campfire Standing Slim Table, Steelcase Think Stool,​​ FLOS IC Light​,​ Stack Ceramics Desk Organizer, Blu Dot Welf Large Wall Shelf
Flex Height Adjustable Desk,  Steelcase Think Chair, ​ Desktop PowerStrip Plus,​ Turnstone Clipper Screen, SOTO boxes, ​ Turnstone Campfire Footrest, Dash Ligth
Open-plan collaborative space with Think Stools and Bivi chairs, provided with privacy by Post and Beam.
Planning Idea BA7BW7TC
Planning Idea WB8PP7EX