on white render of a social and collaborative space with products such as: Turnstone, Clipper Screen, Steelcase, Flex Height Adjustable Desk Steelcase, SOTO Personal Console, Steelcase, Think Work Chair, Flos, Tab T LED Table Lamp, Steelcase, Thread Hub, Steelcase, Health Embold Circular Table Orangebox, Air 3 Pod, Bolia, Posea Side Table, Memo, Furniture Chroma Lounge Chair Coalesse, Lagunitas Personal Table, Moooi, Festival Midnight Rug
Steelcase Privacy Wall, Blu Dot Welf Small Wall Shelf, Bolia Trapeze Hook, Migration SE Desk, Steelcase Think Chair, Bolia Grab Pouf, Coalesse Lagunitas Table, Coalesse Arzu Condensation Rug Planning Idea
Steelcase, Answer Panel Steelcase, Migration SE HAD Steelcase, Sarto Screen Tournstone, TS Series Mini Locker Steelcase, Think Chair Steelcase, CF Series Evolution Monitor Arm Moooi, Hana Lounge Chair  Moooi, Common Comrades Emperor Table Turnstone, Clipper Screen – 56” H with wings FLOS, Tab Floor Lamp Coalesse, Freestand Table Steelcase, Dash Mini Task Light Steelcase,Thread Hub Footprint:
Steelcase Health Convey, Steelcase Verge Stool, Steelcase Health Separation Screens, Steelcase SOTO Mobile Caddy, Steelcase Think Chair, Steelcase Brody Lounge, Coalesse Massaud Chair Planning Idea
Steelcase Think Chair, Steelcase Migration SE Bench, Steelcase Migration SE Universal Screen, Steelcase TS Series Locker, Steelcase SOTO Personal Console, Steelcase SOTO Worktools, Flos Miss K
Steelcase Ology Desk, Steelcase Universal Storage, Steelcase Think Chair, Steelcase CF Series Monitor Arm, Steelcase LED Radial Light, Turnstone Campfire Footrest, Turnstone Jenny Planning Idea
Steelcase Elective Elements, Steelcase Think Chair, Steelcase Sawyer Chair, Steelcase Dash Task Light Planning Idea
Planning Idea – BW3CH3WB
Steelcase Mackinac, Steelcase Ology HAD, Steelcase Think Seating, AMQ 3F, Steelcase SOTO Personal Console, Steelcase LessThanFive Chairs, Uhuru 1x1 Bench Flos ArrangementsPendant, Snowsound PLI Screen, BluDot Punk Table Lamp, Coalesse Lagunitas WorkTable, Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary Screen
rendering of a private office with: Steelcase Think Chair Steelcase Elective Elements Floatin Shelfs West Elm Work Green Point Steelcase Privacy Walls Blue Dot Splas Coat Rack Flos, IC Light
work from home setting with bivi table for two, two Think chairs, bivi trunk,
render of a single work space with bivi height adjustable desk, soto worktools, think chair and high density storage