Rendering of a Upskilling Corporate Learning space
On-white rendering of a presentation space for a large group. Furnished with Roam, Splash coat rack, Surface Hub, i2i, Shortcut and other partner products.
multi use office space planning idea
Collaborative working space with Orangebox Aspect, B-Free Rectangular Table with B-Free Beam and Extremis Tiki-High Height Seat, and Exponents Mediaboard Mobile.
Planning Idea GN6KW8KV
Planning Idea EA5ED5CM
nanimarquina shadows rug ray t exponents credenza lessthanfive chair potrero415 exponents whiteboard and mobile display planning idea
exponents credenza exponents bench exponents whiteboard and mobile display sw 1 seating planning idea
umami lounge system b-free alight tables lagunitas table planning idea
Collaboration space planning idea