rendering of a social space with products such as: Steelcase V.I.A. Wall, Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, Steelcase Flex Stand Table, Steelcase Flex Board Cart, Coalesse Montara Cafe Table, Coalesse Enea Lotus Café Table, Coalesse Lagunitas Personal Table, Mattiazzi She Said Bar Stool, West Elm Belle Lounge, West Elm Boardwalk Round Table, Bolia Pod Cofffe Table, Bolia Grab Pouf, Viccarbe Bamba Table, Viccarbe Common Bench, Eskayel Large Peaks Rug
    on white rendering of a meeting space with products such as: Steelcase Flex Collection Coalesse Enea Lottus Table Coalesse Lagunitas Personal Table Coalesse Montara650 Table West Elm Belle West Elm Boardwalk Bolia Grab Pouf BluDot Bumper Ottoman Arzu Pile Rug Viccarbe Common Bench
    Sylvi, Enea Lottus Table, Nooi by Wiesner-Hager Planning Idea
    enea altzo943 sistema lounge system by coalesse enea lottus table planning idea
    enea lottus seating enea lottus table circa lounge system planning idea
    arzu condensation rug sistema lounge system by coalesse ic lights f montara650 rocker enea lottus table planning idea
    smithfield enea lottus seating enea café stools enea lottus table planning idea
    Campfire Big Table, Enea Lottus Stool, Nooi Café Chair, Enea Lottus Table Planning Idea
    Open-space accommodations equipped with Lagunitas Lounge and Tables, and Nooi Café Seating, perfect for socializing, eating or working in small groups.
    campfire lounge system v.i.a. enea lottus table lox chair and stool davos seating campfire personal table think media:scape planning idea
    Rendering of exponents seating setting
    Regard, Enea Lottus Table, Move Chair, Move Stool, Campfire Big Table, Qivi Stool Planning Idea