Post-COVID WorkBook
private room for two people with campfire paper table and Jenny seating
Turnstone Simple Stool, Turnstone Simple Stool Seat Cushion,  Turnstone Simple Stool Back Cushion, Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, Steelcase Flex Cable Catch, Steelcase Flex Cup, Steelcase Flex Freestanding Screen, Steelcase Flex Stand, Steelcase Flex Wall Rail Package,  Steelcase Flex Standing Height Work Table, Moooi Celestial Rug, Steelcase Thread Power Hub, Turnstone Campfire Big Lounge, Turnstone Campfire Pouf, Turnstone Campfire Paper Table, Turnstone Campfire Personal Table, Steelcase Pocket Mobile Cart, Blu Dot Note Table
Planning Idea WB8PP7EX
bivi dual height workstations with rumble seats space planning idea
EK9PV8RN Campfire Standing Height Slim Table, Hecks Ottoman, Enea Café Stools, Groupwork, Campfire Lounge, Campfire Paper Table