Opus Bedside Cabinet,​ Separation Screen,​ Groupwork Table​, Pocket Cart,​ Amia Task Chair​ ​Planning Ideas
Rendering of personal work space with Amia chair, Groupwork desk, private screen and Thread power
Rendering of open space with three Groupwork mobile whiteboards, two Max Stacker lll chairs
Rendering of hospital room with two Empath recliner seats, 4 groupwork mobile whiteboards, two Verge stools and two Pocket mobile cart
Opus Mobile Bedside Table,​ Separation Screen Planning Ideas
Empath Recliner,​ Mobile Overbed Table​, Verge Stool, Separation Screen Planning Ideas
Sorrel Chair, Pocket Cart,​ Verge Stool,​ Separation Screen Planning Ideas
Verge Stool​, Separation Screens​ Planning Ideas
Sorrel Chair, Separation Screen Planning Ideas
Renderinf of a private space with three green Leela chairs, golden FLOS chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a screen on the wall.
Rendering of a hospital area with yellow Node chair, wooden storage, Empath chair,
Rendering of three private work area with VIA walls, baby blue seats