Planning Idea – KA4KN6JZ
    Rendering of an exam room with white Shortcut chair, white Convey casework with sink, media:scape screen on a wall, Surround sofa with table
    Planning Idea – NX2QZ4BN
    Rendering of an exam room with two purple chairs, small Bassline wooden table, black Node chair with table.
    Coalesse Bindu Chair Steelcase B-Free Cube Steelcase media:scape Table BluDot Splash Coat Rack Polyvision Flow Flos Pendant, Taraxacum 1
    Steelcase Roam Wall Mount Coalesse Bob Table Coalesse Free Stand Laptop table Steelcase Health Leela Lounge Chair Steelcase Thread Hub
    Steelcase Health Overbed Table Steelcase Health Verge Stool Steelcase Health Empath Recliner Steelcase Groupwork Screen
    Planning Ideas
    Flex, Media:scape Mobile. Potrero415, Sorrel, MGBW Mosaic Planning Ideas
    Planning Idea –
    Steelcase Health Surround, Steelcase Health Regard Sofa, Steelcase V.I.A. Walls, Steelcase Health Regard Planter, Turnstone Locker, Casper Film, Steelcase SOTO Worktools, Blu Dot Trace Pendant, BluDot Wook Wall Hook Planning Idea
    Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand BluDot Ready Barstool Eskayel Medina Blanca Rug Steelcase Flex Slim Table Steelcase Health Embold Chair Steelcase Health Surround Table Steelcase Health Regard Sofa Turnstone Campfire Skate Table