Think Chair, Universal Worksurface Footprint:
Pocket Cart, Cobi Chair, Motif PaA3 panel, Motif Accent Panel, Verb Flip-top Table
Node Chair, Verb Active Media Table, Verb Whiteboard, Verb Easelx, Verb Wall Track Footprint:
rendering of a classroom with verb tables, shortcut stools, Motif and Flow boards
Enea Café Stools, Victor2, FlexFrame, Campfire Big Table planning idea
Ology Desk, Lagunitas Table, Lagunitas Lounge Seating, Gesture planning idea
B-Free High Tables, Enea Lottus Table, Lagunitas Table, Davos Seating, Await Lounge System, Campfire Big Table planning idea
Alight Ottomans, Campfire Pouf, Bivi Rumble Seat, Campfire Paper Table, Think, Bivi planning idea
Migration, Scoop, Currency, Think planning idea
Collet Rug, Campfire Big Table, Enea Cafe Stools, Campfire Paper Table, Campfire Pouf, Verb Personal Whiteboard, Cobi Chair,  Verb active media table Planning Ideas
Bousta Rug, Massaud Chair, Wrapp Chair, Elective Elements, Flow Whiteboard, Bassline Bench, Amia Chair, Tatou F Lamp
Verb Active Media Table, Currency, Think planning idea