Exam spaces that are set in retail clinics or quick-stop applications are unique in that the clinician both lives and works in the exam space. Accommodating their needs and the patients is done through the storage wall that has both locking an unlocking capabilities. Also, the lounge seating area that is technology-enabled with a mobile surface option gives the patient comfortable seating that could also be used by the clinician when they are not seeing patients. The clinician chair allows for easy movement throughout the space.

Products Regard, Folio, Node
Area 110 ft2
Footprint 9'6" × 11'8"
Setting Types: ,
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Node; Chair, Mid back, 5 arm base, Personal worksurface 480250
480250 1 $747.00 $747.00
Regard; Arm-Single sided, 20D x 5 1/2W HS4AS6
HS4AS6 1 $282.00 $282.00
Regard; Back-Single sided, 7 1/2D x 60 1/2W HS4BS61
HS4BS61 1 $1,062.00 $1,062.00
Regard; Base-Frame assembly, Single sided, 27 1/2D x 60 1/2W HS4FS61
HS4FS61 1 $1,072.00 $1,072.00
Regard; Cushion-Seat, 20D x 22W HS4H22
HS4H22 2 $314.00 $628.00
Regard; Table-Personal, Laminate, 22D x 22W x 29H HS4T2228L
HS4T2228L 1 $813.00 $813.00
Regard; Arm-In line, Table, 20D x 11W x 18H HS4TL11
HS4TL11 1 $421.00 $421.00
Folio; Board-Mounting, 34W x 36H HXAB3436
HXAB3436 1 $173.00 $173.00
Folio; Cabinet-Base, ADA, 1 small drawer, 1 large drawer, 24W x 33H HXBC2433A
HXBC2433A 2 $1,440.00 $2,880.00
Folio; Cabinet-Base, ADA, Sink, 36W x 33H HXBK3633A
HXBK3633A 1 $1,054.00 $1,054.00
Folio; Cabinet-Open, 5 shelves, Sloped top, 24D x 18W x 92H HXCP1892S
HXCP1892S 1 $1,414.00 $1,414.00
Folio; Cabinet-Wardrobe, 1 shelf, Single door, Left hand, Sloped top, 24D x 12W x 92H HXCW1292LS
HXCW1292LS 1 $1,347.00 $1,347.00
Folio; Filler, Wardrobe, 6W x 89H HXFCW692
HXFCW692 1 $242.00 $242.00
Folio; Cabinet, Upper, Double doors, 2 adjustable shelves, Sloped top, 14D x 24W x 35H HXUD2435S
HXUD2435S 2 $843.00 $1,686.00
Folio; Worksurface, Laminate, 84W x 24D HXW8424L
HXW8424L 1 $669.00 $669.00
Folio; Sidesplash, Laminate, Worksurface, 24D x 4H HXWS424L
HXWS424L 1 $70.00 $70.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $14,560.00