Assemble the team for an afternoon of inspired brainstorming. This relaxed space is primed for analog ideation, featuring standing-height seating to promote movement – infusing energy into the creative process.

Products in this application:

Orangebox Cubb Table , Steelcase Move Stool, Steelcase Flex Team Cart, Steelcase RoomWizard, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S on Steelcase Roam Mobile Stan, PolyVision Flow Markerboard, PolyVision Accessories: Collaborative Toolbar, Moooi Magic Markers Rug, Blu Dot Splash Coat Rack


340 sq ft

Products RoomWizard, Magic Markers Freaky, Collaborative ToolBar, Steelcase Flex Carts, Steelcase Roam, Cubb Tables, Flow™, Move
Setting Types:
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Move; Stool, Upholstered back, Arms, Casters, Contrasting fabric 490712UCK
490712UCK 6 $875.00 $5,250.00
SOTO; File box, Diagonal DSDFB
DSDFB 2 $43.00 $86.00
SOTO; File box, Diagonal DSDFB
DSDFB 1 $43.00 $43.00
SOTO; Personal box DSPB
DSPB 1 $38.00 $38.00
SOTO; Tool box DSTB
DSTB 1 $38.00 $38.00
SOTO; Utility box DSUB
DSUB 1 $38.00 $38.00
Flow;Pnl,a3 ceramic stl FLOW
FLOW 1 $1,463.00 $1,463.00
Flow;Pnl,a3 ceramic stl FLOW
FLOW 1 $1,463.00 $1,463.00
Flow;Pnl,a3 ceramic stl FLOW
FLOW 1 $1,613.00 $1,613.00
Flex;Bskt,Pkg qty 4 FLXBSK
FLXBSK 3 $510.00 $1,530.00
Flex;Cart-Team FLXCTTM
FLXCTTM 1 $2,340.00 $2,340.00
Flex;Cup,Pkg qty 4 FLXCUP
FLXCUP 1 $296.00 $296.00
Freaky MI2150004
MI2150004 1 $4,960.00 $4,960.00
Cubb;Tbl-Proj,8-10 ppl,Stdng H OBCUBBRCP03
OBCUBBRCP03 1 $4,719.00 $4,719.00
STPM1CART 1 $0.00 $0.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $23,877.00