In this emergency department setting, low acuity patients can be reffered to an area which gives them the opportunity to have a virtual visit without having to leave the emergency department. Situated nearby the primary waiting area, virtual care pods are shielded from view. Patients can be called when a virtual care clinician is available.  Nearby, on-site clinicians manage patient flow, provide supervision, and have their own workstations for administrative work. Portable screens are provided for clinicians to control their privacy.

Products in this application:

VIA, Casper, Regard Planter, Surround, Embold, Blu Dot Splash, Answer, Flex Screen, Amia


28′-6″ ‘ X 23’

Products Splash Coat Rack, Steelcase Flex Screens, Casper Cloaking Technology, Embold Collection, Answer Fence, Surround, V.I.A., Regard, Amia + Amia Air
Setting Types: