The New Leader

In today’s complex and global environment, there’s very little that business leaders can accurately predict and control. And yet, surrounded by swirl, many still cling to the fraying lifeline of existing norms—and the results can be dire. Steelcase researchers discovered new insights and distilled innovative concepts for a leadership space that empowers executives to lead in fundamentally better ways.

An Evolution of Leadership Spaces

To illustrate the ways in which business and its leaders have evolved over time, Steelcase dug through its archives to unearth photos dating back to 1915.

Inside China’s C-Suite

Oolong or online? For CEO offices in China, videoconferencing may soon be as important as the tea table, a necessity of business life as the drive to become more collaborative and innovative prompts executives to adopt new ways of hosting and networking.

Leadership Style

A private office is not only a refuge and a place for focused individual work. It’s also a place where leaders need to make their thinking visible as they interact with colleagues in scheduled and spontaneous encounters.