Can Your Workspace Make You a Better Leader?

Sara Armbruster, Vice President Strategy, Research and New Business Innovation at Steelcase, spoke at the 8th Global Peter Drucker Forum about how the workplace itself can help leaders lead better, and, in turn, help others around them succeed.
Source: Drucker Forum

5 Reasons Your Office Has Changed

Office construction and remodeling numbers are up in the United States. An office renaissance is underway and changes are happening fast. Steelcase designers and researchers offer insights into five key reasons we’re seeing changes now.

NEXT Design Competition Sparks New Ideas

The reigning NEXT Student Design Competition winner is using his new skills to start a business.
span style=”font-weight: 400″>The reigning NEXT Student Design Competition winner is using his new skills to start a business.

Moving Design Forward

Steelcase Brings Together A Global Community Practice Han Paeman’s design firm just lost a bid to Marc Bertier’s firm. Gloating, Bertier

Creating Conditions For Workplace Creativity

Innovation and creativity come at a price, demanding the brightest minds and hottest talent in the industry. As companies push to find an edge in a very crowded marketplace, the competition is fierce and the clock is ticking faster than ever.

How to Create a Startup Culture

Is it possible to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit—or reclaim—a sense of “startup culture” no matter what size the company? Brian Shapland, general manager for turnstone, is connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He explains how leveraging space can influence culture and accelerate business results.

The New I.Q.

Space matters. It shapes the behavior of people and creates the ‘stage’ on which innovation can be propelled. We needed a physical destination that would foster the behaviors of an innovation culture.

Q + A with Andrew Zolli

Resilient organizations don’t rely on any single plan for the future; they’re agile, cooperative and responsive. Amid change they don’t just survive, they thrive.