5 Reasons Your Office Has Changed

Office construction and remodeling numbers are up in the United States. An office renaissance is underway and changes are happening fast. Steelcase designers and researchers offer insights into five key reasons we’re seeing changes now.

Express Yourself

In a world squeezing toward uniformity, learn how turnstone’s Bivi is helping create work environments that encourage individuality.

The Office Renaissance

A global cultural movement is redefining the corporate workplace—from a singular focus on efficiency, towards a pluralistic approach that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of people. In the global quest for talent and the escalating need for employee engagement, a societal shift advocating for informal, authentic and inspiring spaces has taken hold.

New Offices Restore Ancient Principles

A unique perspective shows us how an ancient Chinese philosophy supports the idea of giving employees choice and control over where and how they work.


Ellen YuChwun Chen was born in Taiwan, Republic of China. She’s lived in the United States for decades and worked at Steelcase for nearly 39 years. During that time, she’s kept in close contact with her roots, visiting her sister and other family members who live in Taiwan. Chen is currently a product data analyst and has held a variety of roles at Steelcase including 25 years in research positions as well as occasionally acting as an interpreter for Chinese customers.

Inspiring Spaces Reinvigorate the Office

It’s not just a millennial thing. People of all ages are craving informal, casual and authentic spaces at work. These inspiring, breakout spaces can benefit the holistic wellbeing of workers while helping to promote employee engagement.

One Designer’s Vision of the Future Comes to Life

An Interview with George Pritchard of KSQ Design Steelcase global research shows the workplace can be an important tool in