Agnew Moyer Smith, Inc. Innovates Office

After more than 20 years of business, the communication design firm Agnew Moyer Smith Inc. (AMS) was beginning to fight its space. Designed just as computers were entering the industry, the space didn’t support mobile computing well. It had also failed to keep up with the firm’s evolving team structure and processes.

Coastline Community College: A Flexible, Collaborative Environment

See how an active learning environment emerges when two classes at Coastline Community College in California experience a new type of classroom for the first time. From multiple modes of learning to engaged and participative students, the Verb classroom collection from Steelcase Education instantly transforms the learning environment by offering flexible and collaborative tools.

TELUS: Crafting a New Workplace

TELUS is a leading telecommunications provider in Canada. Like many organizations in its industry, TELUS has grown dramatically in recent years, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

Vodafone: Fostering a New Work Culture

Orchestrating the transition to a new organizational culture and work environment. Companies everywhere are scrambling to adapt to a more global, mobile, and collaborative business model.

Making Distance Disappear

In today’s economic landscape organizations can’t allow distance to be a barrier to effective teams. As distributed teams become pervasive, the challenges they face become more evident.

Power of Place: The Office Renaissance

A 2014 Steelcase-commissioned survey in 14 countries around the world confirms that people who are the most satisfied with their work environment are also the most engaged. These employees are not looking for the paradigms of the past.

Finding Balance: Improving Collaboration by Rethinking Privacy

If one word can sum up the strategic intent behind the creation of flagship headquarters for TAQA, the global energy company, it is Majlis—which in Arabic signifies a place where people gather and are welcomed by their hosts.

Accenture Relocation Aids Collaboration

A leader in alternative work strategies, Accenture prides itself on its efficient use of real estate. It’s Workplace 2.0 strategy sets high standards and has shown impressive results.

Accenture Sets High Standards in New Workplace

A leader in alternative work strategies such as hotelling, consulting giant Accenture prides itself on its efficient use of real estate. But, what sets the company apart is how it considers the workplace holistically. Its Workplace 2.0 strategy sets high standards for what it terms “The Four E’s” of Efficiency, Effectiveness, Engagement, and Environment, with collaboration as a baseline. See how they piloted this strategy in their renovated Houston office.