Why Working On Distributed Teams Is So Hard

How can you work better with distributed teams? Whether your colleagues are across the world or just in a nearby building, how do you collaborate and innovate successfully? Steelcase WorkSpace Futures researcher Patricia Kammer reveals her team’s discoveries and how you can help boost communication.

Moving Design Forward

Steelcase Brings Together A Global Community Practice Han Paeman’s design firm just lost a bid to Marc Bertier’s firm. Gloating, Bertier

Inspiring Spaces Reinvigorate the Office

It’s not just a millennial thing. People of all ages are craving informal, casual and authentic spaces at work. These inspiring, breakout spaces can benefit the holistic wellbeing of workers while helping to promote employee engagement.

One Table Fits…All

A table is more than just a working surface; it’s a gathering place. Humans have a natural tendency to want

University of Oklahoma: New Learning Space

Traditional computer labs are anachronisms, designed when computers dominated desktops. The new Couch Practice Center at the University of Oklahoma, offers students an ecosystem of spaces designed to meet the way students want to learn today.

The New I.Q.

Space matters. It shapes the behavior of people and creates the ‘stage’ on which innovation can be propelled. We needed a physical destination that would foster the behaviors of an innovation culture.

BASF: Redesign For a New Way of Working

BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, recently unveiled a redesigned office for its regional headquarters in Hong Kong, that not

Quarles & Brady: New Innovative Office

A key design feature of this approximately 20,000-square-foot new workplace: It provides for flexibility in a way that also sends a clear message about the Quarles & Brady culture.

Integreon Redesign Drives Innovation

When Integreon planned a new building for Fargo, one that would bring both Fargo offices together under one roof, the initial workplace layout offered rows of workstations in a very traditional approach, hardly what a global, interconnected business needed.