The Office Renaissance

A global cultural movement is redefining the corporate workplace—from a singular focus on efficiency, towards a pluralistic approach that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of people. In the global quest for talent and the escalating need for employee engagement, a societal shift advocating for informal, authentic and inspiring spaces has taken hold.

New Offices Restore Ancient Principles

A unique perspective shows us how an ancient Chinese philosophy supports the idea of giving employees choice and control over where and how they work.


Ellen YuChwun Chen was born in Taiwan, Republic of China. She’s lived in the United States for decades and worked at Steelcase for nearly 39 years. During that time, she’s kept in close contact with her roots, visiting her sister and other family members who live in Taiwan. Chen is currently a product data analyst and has held a variety of roles at Steelcase including 25 years in research positions as well as occasionally acting as an interpreter for Chinese customers.

How to Create a Startup Culture

Is it possible to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit—or reclaim—a sense of “startup culture” no matter what size the company? Brian Shapland, general manager for turnstone, is connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He explains how leveraging space can influence culture and accelerate business results.

Womble Carlyle: Workplace Redesign

Womble Carlyle, a 140-year-old law firm with offices across the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Silicon Valley is known for embracing new technology and advising clients on cutting edge legal issues. Their new Raleigh, NC office reflects their leadership position. It’s a high performance workspace that helps improve employee wellbeing and conveys an image befitting a top tier law firm, yet uses less real estate than their old office.

Work Hospitality

Visitors to the Workspring enhanced business environment on the fourth floor of Chicago’s historic Inland Steel Building can’t help but transform their view of the traditional office.

Small Companies, Big Ideas

Every big company was a small company once. What does it take for some small companies to grow and excel over time?

Q + A with Andrew Zolli

Resilient organizations don’t rely on any single plan for the future; they’re agile, cooperative and responsive. Amid change they don’t just survive, they thrive.

Bringing Fun to the Office

The flexibility that comes with mobility can convince some that we don’t need a community workspace or that the office is overrated.

Creating an Engaging Workplace at Groove

Because most of Groove’s work is collaborative in nature, the majority of the new space is designed for co-creation and brainstorming. Nicknamed “the pit,” this main area is open and collaborative, uniting the team.

Enhancing Company Culture at Orbea

Culture, the reigning champ of hip offices everywhere, promises to fuel employee positivity, productivity and loyalty in small businesses—but do we have proof it actually delivers results? We do now.