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Work Better:

The New Hybrid Neighborhood

Organizations have adopted hybrid work policies, but haven’t changed their offices to support the new realities of hybrid work. Offices will need to earn people’s commute by meeting a new set of needs. Read why office design should take its cue from the vibrant communities in which we live and create neighborhoods at work that offer places for collaboration, privacy and a sense of belonging.


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Issue 78

The Design Issue

Explore leadership spaces for hybrid work, exceptional designs from around the world through the Steelcase community of brands, new room configurations and new furniture shapes to support hybrid collaboration, and new and notable solutions to support the hybrid workplace.

Work Better Magazine
Issue 79

Beyond Hybrid – 99 Things You Need to Know Now

Is your workplace ready for the next era of work? Work Better magazine brings you design, insights, research and solutions for the ways people work today. Request your print copy or download now.

The New Era of Hybrid Work

What matters more in the office now than pre-pandemic? Would people choose an assigned desk or more remote work? New

Hybrid Collaboration Guide

Hybrid collaboration consists of creating a range of spaces and technology experiences designed to optimize a blend of in-office and

Changing Expectations and the Future of Work

Steelcase research identified four macro shifts leaders will need to embrace to create safe and compelling places where people can