Steelcase Health Collegiate Healthcare Design 2012 Competition Call For Entries

Steelcase Health by Steelcase, HEALTHCARE DESIGN and The Center for Health Design are proud to announce the return of a unique opportunity

Technology Trends in Healthcare

We recently sat down with Carla Hill, the vice president of Healthcare Marketing at Business Furniture LLC  in Indianapolis. The

Handwashing Key to Infection Control

Here’s a quiz: In a survey, pediatric ICU physicians claimed to wash their hands between patients 73% of the time.

A Shoe Company and the Patient Experience

How can a shoe retailer and a great patient experience possibly be related? Well, when you think about them both

Auditory Noise and the Impact on Patient Experience

While healthcare environments continue to improve, striving to provide better patient outcomes and experiences, current hospital environments remain extremely noisy.

Do Generational Differences Impact Healthcare?

I was talking with my wife this morning about a relative who’s currently hospitalized for chemotherapy treatment, and she mentioned

Waiting Room Design Ideas

Recently highlighted in Fast Company’s design blog,, was a case study from Spanish design consultancy Fuelfor entitled “Rethinking the

Noise and Its Effect on Patients

Ever walked through a quiet hospital? Didn’t think so. I don’t think many exist. Obviously, hospitals want to be busy

University of Kansas Students Win Inaugural Steelcase Health Collegiate Healthcare Design Competition

Steelcase Health, along with The Center for Health Design, and HEALTHCARE DESIGN MAGAZINE are pleased to announce the winning submission

Healthcare Design: Crucial to Healing

A key question in healthcare design is, what can we do as designers to help patients heal faster? In order for

The iPad and Tablet Technology Advance Healthcare

Search the phrase “iPad in Healthcare” and the results are numerous.  The Apple iPad, along with other tablet computers, is