Physical Exams Still A Crucial Part of Healthcare’s Future

Technology is redefining healthcare as we know it. Whether it’s Google Glass, a simple tablet computer, or some other kind

Patient-Centered Care: As Big As The World Cup

Allow me to make an analogy: patient-centered care is to healthcare, as Brazil (or Germany or France or Argentina) is to

A Focus On Clinician Privacy In The Latest 360 Magazine

“In the era of big data and healthcare, there’s one buzzword at the center of every conversation: privacy. From HIPAA

Fast Forward

As open platforms and digital networks grow, organizations will be pressed to evolve more rapidly, with greater precision and with

The Time for Change is Now at NeoCon 2014

Healthcare is experiencing a period of rapid change. As a result, the patient experience can often feel overwhelming. Technology advancement

Fast Forward

If you can imagine space as a participant on your team, you may be curious as to how that spatial

Discover Steelcase Health at NeoCon 2014

NeoCon is only two weeks away (June 9-11 at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart) and the timing couldn’t be better. With our recently announced brand

Experiencing a Time for Change

Last week, we announced an evolution of our brand, from Nurture by Steelcase to Steelcase Health. With it, we introduced our

New Work. New Rules. – Full Story

Teams are under more pressure than ever, expected to untangle complex problems, deliver fantastic results and do it all faster than their competitors. Today’s teams are hyper-collaborators who navigate a fluid, fast-paced flow of interdependent ideas, redefining both teamwork and me work. Their work has changed dramatically, but their workspaces? Not so much. Steelcase researchers reveal how to create spaces that give today’s revolutionaries what they expect and need to excel at work.

Make Room for Modern Tribes – Full Story

What happens when a multi-disciplinary team of Steelcase designers, researchers, engineers and project managers go out to observe creative and hightech teams in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East? They learn all sorts of things from renegade hackers who refuse to put up with the status quo of their existing workplaces, then come back and create the Steelcase Flex Collection—a new solution designed to create dynamic neighborhoods for teams and individuals. DIY has never been this easy, or this effective.

The Science of Collaboration – Full Story

Neuroscience tells us our brains and bodies are linked, and our ability to learn and solve problems can be influenced by how we move. But a recent Steelcase global study confirms that, although people typically now spend most their time at work collaborating, they’re doing it in spaces that force them to be passive and sedentary versus actively engaged. Today’s fiercely competitive business environment demands a new, active type of collaboration plus dramatically different environments to support it.