A Strategy to Improve Healthcare

I was excited to read the article The Strategy That Will Fix Healthcare by Michael E. Porter and Thomas H.

A Personal Recommendation for Empath

Gerri Kennedy has been an employee of OEC, a Steelcase dealer, since 1984. In 1999, she received the frightening diagnosis

5 Takeaways from Healthcare Design

The 2013 version of the Healthcare Design Conference is now in the history books, and what a conference it was!

Healthcare Design Conference 2013 – Coming Soon!

At Steelcase Health, we understand that healthcare is in the midst of a period of great change. Whether it’s the

Designing for the Professional Caregiver – A Fresh Focus To Design Research

We invited Amy Griffin, the 2013 winner of the AAHID/Steelcase Health Student Fellowship Award, to write about her research. Congrats Amy

Adapting to EMRs and EHRs –The Way Clinicians Work Matters

Significant discussions around EHRs and EMRs have been going on now for quite some time. And while there are many

The Age of Digital Healthcare — A Closer Look at EMRs & EHRs

There’s a lot of discussion in the healthcare market about Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). The impetus for EMRs, as you

An Interview with John Hockenberry

John Hockenberry is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning journalist and author, and since 2008 has been host of The Takeaway, a

Effectively Managing Key Moments along the Healthcare Journey

Home to ambulance to ER to hospital to rehab to specialist to primary care physician. That’s John’s story — a

4 Keys to Improving Patient Engagement

In this 21st century healthcare environment we all know and love, there seems to be little consensus about anything. Take

Working Together to Improve Patient Experience at Transform 2013

This post is by Margaret Alrutz, Steelcase Health’s Director of Healthcare Strategy. A new activity this year at Mayo Transform

Statistics Prove Being A Nurse Is Risky Business

For decades, nurses and other healthcare providers have been at a high risk of suffering injuries while on the job,