The Power of Influence: Patients as Consumers

For the last two decades, healthcare has been transitioning to a consumer-driven model. The vision is one to which we

Mobile Health: More Than Just Hype

PricewaterhouseCoopers: “Our analysis of mHealth reveals mobile is positioned to have a huge impact on how healthcare is delivered.” When

Healthcare: Making Every Moment Meaningful

Timed to coincide with NeoCon, Steelcase published the latest edition of its 360 Magazine,  with a key article focused on healthcare

The Design Intent Behind Steelcase Health Spaces at NeoCon

Hyun Yoo, a senior Industrial Designer at Steelcase Health, was the principal designer for Steelcase Health’s space at NeoCon this

NeoCon 2013: Day One

Steelcase Health’s Director of Industrial Design Alan Rheault leads a group through the Steelcase Health showroom. Alan led the charge in

It Matters: Helping Patients Engage in Their Own Care

There is a reason the February issue of Health Affairs magazine called the concept of patient activation and engagement the

How Space Can Improve The Healthcare Experience

Going into TEDMED, our goal for the Steelcase Health space in the Hive was to facilitate experiences and conversations during

Medical Technology Changes Interface Between Patients and Doctors

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, systematic communication between healthcare providers, patients and their families results in

Interview with Shiv Gaglani of Medgadget

We spoke with Shiv Gaglani, a medical student and editor at Medgadget who set up and ran the Smartphone Physicals in

Leanne West of Georgia Tech Reflects on TEDMED 2013

In the TEDMED tradition, great minds come together to collaborate, be inspired, and discuss the future of healthcare. Leanne West, Director

A Conversation with Roz Cama: The Black Bag Is Now an iPad

Everyone knows the archetype of the traditional doctor, carrying around his black bag, filled to the brim with various instruments