Steelcase Health: A Look Toward the Fall

An important part of our stated mission here at Steelcase Health is to work with leading healthcare organizations to create

Texas Hospital Follows Nurses’ Advice in Re-design

We’ve talked a lot recently about the importance of designing healthcare environments with both patients and clinicians in mind. That makes

A Time for Change in the Patient Room

When you think of the point of care, where the majority of healthcare activities are administered, it’s not likely that

Keeping up with NEC Changes Only Takes a Thread

Thread offers a quick and simple way to comply with new rules without undertaking a disruptive and expensive project.

TEDMED Coming Soon – September 10-12!

TEDMED, the global community of leading doers and thinkers from every walk of life, hosts its annual three-day gathering next month

A Time for Change in Clinician Workspaces

Clinicians are stuck in a Catch-22. At the same time that the healthcare industry is in the midst of a

Physical Exams Still A Crucial Part of Healthcare’s Future

Technology is redefining healthcare as we know it. Whether it’s Google Glass, a simple tablet computer, or some other kind

Patient-Centered Care: As Big As The World Cup

Allow me to make an analogy: patient-centered care is to healthcare, as Brazil (or Germany or France or Argentina) is to

A Focus On Clinician Privacy In The Latest 360 Magazine

“In the era of big data and healthcare, there’s one buzzword at the center of every conversation: privacy. From HIPAA

Fast Forward

As open platforms and digital networks grow, organizations will be pressed to evolve more rapidly, with greater precision and with

The Time for Change is Now at NeoCon 2014

Healthcare is experiencing a period of rapid change. As a result, the patient experience can often feel overwhelming. Technology advancement